Your Moisturizing Hacks for the Cold Weather

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As Christmas draws nearer, the weather also gets frostier. In intense cold, the skin tends to dry and flake up so to avoid this, more moisturizer should be piled up on the skin. After all, chapped and dehydrated skin never looks attractive.


During this cold weather, the skin must be entirely moisturized. We tend to focus more on our face and our lips when it comes to moisturizing and we forget other important bases to cover. We present you moisturizing skin hacks you can do during this season’s cold weather.


Hydrate the skin under your eyes.

The skin under the eyes are thin and delicate. This means that it requires great and gentle care. During the cold weather, see to it that you apply a moisturizing eye cream under your eyes. Use a gentle product that does not irritate the skin.


Don’t neglect your hair and scalp.

The dry scalp makes the hair brittle and prone to breakage. To counter this, use a 2-in-1 product that hydrates the hair and scalp. Opt for deep conditioning products that do wonders for your hair and scalp.


Moisturize those legs.

The skin of the legs are commonly exposed to the biting cold weather. Use a moisturizing balm with a thick consistency to better nourish the skin. Choose products with beeswax, olive oil or shea butter. You can also use this product to moisturize your feet.



Apply some on your cuticles as well.

The hands, as well as the cuticles also suffer from the chilly winds. The cuticles can dry out quickly if we do not pay special care to it. Before leaving the house, apply a good cuticle and hand cream that protects, repairs and moisturizes.


Pay special care to your face.

Another area of skin that is almost always exposed to the cold, a 24-hour hydrating product is the answer to hydrating the skin. This season, a simple light moisturizer does not do the job. Purchase products that have thick creams that lock in moisture.

Dab some on your lips.

The lips gets chapped easily. It dries and flakes up on normal days, what more in the cold? Like applying a face mask, you can also apply a lip mask to nourish the lips and keep them full and supple.


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