5 Things You Can Do to Stop Dreading Your Next Birthday

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Is your birthday coming up soon? Instead of dreading your 30th, 40th, or even your 70th birthday, here’s how to embrace every milestone birthday of your life.

  1. Know that that feeling will eventually go away.

Dislike the thought of another year added to your age? Take comfort in the idea that this dreadful feeling of getting old won’t last. According to experts, self-esteem grows with age. As you get older, you get more comfortable of yourself. You experience more, learn more, and in result will have better understanding of the world around you—and yourself.

  • Rethink your birthday celebration

Sometimes, what we actually dread most about our birthday is not the idea of getting old, but the party we have to throw. If it seems exhausting to host a birthday bash, know that you don’t have to. Instead of planning for a grand celebration with cakes, balloons, drinks and loud music, consider devoting your time to have an intimate dinner with your loved ones or a Skype date with far-flung family members. Nothing cultivates gratitude than being reminded of how much you love and are loved in return.

  • Focus on the things you can do, rather than what you can’t

Focusing on things that aging has taken away from you will only lead you to a dark and unhappy path. Ultimately, you start questioning yourself of your ability to achieve greater goals in the next years of your life. Always remember that you also had limitations during your youth, just as you have now. You will have better chance of achieving your goals if you focus on your abilities, rather than dwelling on your disabilities.

  • Start a new project

Sure, your youthfulness brings so much energy to the table, but let’s also not forget that the older we get, the smarter we are at channeling our resources in a more effective way. Tap your accumulated knowledge and wisdom from years of experience to kick-start a new endeavor at an age that people often think of “past his prime.”

  • Boost your personal growth

If you feel confident inside, you’re much more able to embrace your outer being. Keep a gratitude journal, read inspiration books or explore things on your own. Find a new hobby and pour your energy into something that makes you feel accomplished. You could also consider signing up for a course, such as a photography lesson or a yoga class, perhaps. Concentrate on learning more. Age may have taken away your energy, but it certainly can’t take away your knowledge (at least for the next 40 years of your life).

Embrace your age. Make the most out of what’s in front of you, and stop wasting your time feeling like your best days are behind you.

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