5 Habits That Can Increase Inflammation in the Body

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There are two types of inflammation that can happen to your body: acute and chronic. White the former is essential to help the body naturally heal itself, the later can be quite damaging to your health over time. That is why it’s important to be aware of the habits that can cause inflammation to the body.

  1. Sitting for long periods of time

It may not seem like a big deal, but sitting in your desk for long hours can have an impact on your body. And surprisingly, this can happen whether you exercise regularly or not. But good news, though, you can easily counteract this effect by getting up and moving every few hours. Your goal is not to remain seated continuously for three hours.

  • Exercising too much

Intense workouts see, to be the rage right now, but hopping into vigorous routine right away can cause inflammation due to overworked muscles. Look for subtle signs of inflammation, such as discomfort in certain areas of the body, flushed areas, feeling hot and fatigued and possibly mental distress. If you start to notice any of these, pause on what you’re doing and decrease the intensity of your workout.

  • Lack of sleep and rest

Not getting seven to nine hours of sleep will do your body disservice. It can contribute to weakening immune system and mental disorientation, especially when lack of sleep becomes a regular habit. As much as possible go to bed early and at the same time every night.

  • Using chemical-laden beauty and body products

Read labels on your beauty and body products the same way you read labels on your food. Toxic chemical in some products, such as shampoos, lotions and make-up items, can cause hormonal imbalances, triggering inflammation. Make it a habit to read labels and keep an eye on harmful ingredients, like hydroabietyl alcohol and petroleum distillates.

  • Wearing high heels

Do you notice how your feet hurt after wearing heels the whole day, especially if you are not used to them? That’s a sign of inflammation. Wearing heels hampers your feet to receive balanced weight and, therefore, puts the pressure on your toes. Plus, it puts your calves in distressed position, which can cause pain and inflammation. When you start to feel uncomfortable, switch to flats to give your toes and calves a break.

Small every day habits like those mentioned above can increase the inflammation level in your body, which may lead to more serious health problem down the road. While this may take some getting used to, make a conscious effort to go for the less harmful option for the betterment of your overall health.

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