Take Care of Your Eyes!

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In our time today, because of how much we use technology and gadgets, we tend to disregard their harmful effects on our eyes. You may like to ignore your eyesight in the present, but as you age, you’ll see the effects of not taking care of your eyes. So, take care of your eyes now, before it’s too late!

Stop smoking

Surely, once you get into the habit of smoking, it will be hard for you to stop. Nevertheless, it is still important to remember how detrimental can be to your overall health. When talking about eyesight, smoking can negatively affect the optic nerve, possibly increasing the risk of cataracts and other eye problems. Frequent exposure to the smoke of a cigarette can also irritate not only your eyes but also those of others near you.

Drink a lot of water 

A lot of people may overlook the fact that staying hydrated benefits our eyesight. Just like our other organs, dehydration can be harmful to the eyes. Not having enough water will deprive our eyes of fluid to keep itself clean. Having dry eyes can cause a lot of discomfort and affect our blinking and ability to see clearly without straining our eyes.

Try to get some exercise daily 

It is already a given that we need exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Given that, regular exercise also has benefits for the eyes, although not directly. High blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol, for example, can cause problems not only for the heart and other internal organs but also for the eyes. Regular exercise can be a way to save us from all of that.

Don’t neglect sleep

It is quite known that Singaporeans are amongst the most sleep-deprived in the world. Not having enough sleep isn’t only harmful to the eyes, but also for the whole body in general. Having enough sleep allows your eyes to rest and recover from too much strain. You should already know that your eyes take the brunt of the damage from blue light emitted by computer and phone screens. That is why you should at least give it time to rest.

With regards to your devices:

Take a break

Keeping your eyes on a screen for long periods will cause eye strain, blurry vision, and even headaches if you really push it. Of course, we know that these devices are a need in our life today, but we should also learn to take a break and give our eyes some time to rest.

Stop using your phone in the dark

Many of us are guilty of using our phones in the dark. We do this because we don’t initially notice how it harms our eyes. But, the later you go on using your phone in the dark you’ll realize that your beginning to have eye strain. So just stop doing it!

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