Three Great Exercise Routines to Help You Build Up Your Triceps

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When it comes to building up your strength, it’s not just the biceps that are doing all the work for you – your triceps’ muscles are just as important and deserve just as much attention, seeing how they make up about sixty percent of your entire upper arm.

It’s also more likely that the real issue that happens when you’re stalling on the bench press is with your triceps rather than your chest muscles. To get past this, here are a few great exercises you can use to help you tone your arms:

Close hand push-ups

The standard push-up is great for upper body strength, but by moving your hands closer together, you have an exercise that specifically brings the attention squarely to your triceps.

While you’re still going to feel the effect it has on the rest of your body, the emphasis of the burn will be on these particular muscles once you’re done.

To do this, all you need to do is lower yourself down into a standard push-up position, but bring your hands close to each other so that your thumbs are touching. Be sure to keep your spine straight, and your core should be squeezed tight for this particular routine.


Bodyweight exercises are great not just because they use less equipment, but also because they help you train to lift your own weight better than a triceps-isolating exercise.

To do dips, hoist yourself up on parallel bars while keeping your torso perpendicular to the floor, bending your knees and crossing your feet. Next, start lowering your body slowly until your shoulder joints are actually below your elbows.

Be sure to maintain your posture by keeping your knees bent and feet crossed during this routine. It’s also important to keep your torso perpendicular since leaning forward will shift the weight to your chest and shoulders.

Kettlebell floor press

Another exercise that will help you build up your triceps is the kettlebell floor press, which is a variation of the bench press that emphasizes the lockout aspect of the lifting that puts more of the weight on that particular muscle group.

It’s also much better than a typical bench press with a barbell since the load is distributed more evenly with two kettlebells, meaning that each arm has to exert more effort to balance the weights.

You can do the kettlebell floor press by lying down flat on the ground with a kettlebell on each hand. Next, hold the kettlebells overhead and let them hang outside of your wrists.

Lower the kettlebells by bending your arms and making sure the elbows touch the ground, pause, and then lifting the bells back up. Bend your knees while doing this.

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