Building Relationships with Your Co-Workers

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As a typical employee, you spend majority of your time at work. About more than half of the total hours of the week are spent with our co-workers. A friendly working environment is a big factor in succeeding in doing task at work. To be able to collaborate with them in projects, there must be a good working atmosphere.


You don’t have to force yourself to be the best of friends with them. What’s important is to have positive interactions and relationships with them for the company to grow and succeed.



The first step in establishing good relationships with your co-workers is simply smile and say hello. Nothings says welcoming than a person who greets people whenever you get in for work and leave for home. When others greet you, it is important to smile and greet them back, no matter how bad your day is going.


Remain engaged.

To leave a good reputation among your peers, it is important to listen well when someone is talking. Be part of the conversation, give your opinions and ask questions to show that you’ve indeed been listening. After this, it is also good to follow up on past conversations. It gives the impression that you’ve been paying close attention even to the small details.


Observe cleanliness.

Majority of employees have clutter and dirt as their pet peeves. Do your part in keeping not only your desk, but also the workplace clean. Be the person who washes your own dishes instead of dumping everything in the sink. Organize and wipe your desk place clean. No one wants to befriend someone who’s clumsy and untidy.


Be social.

Group outings and eating out are great opportunities to bond with your co-workers. Team building is necessary for succeeding in your careers. If you always decline invitations to bond, your boss and co-workers may feel you are not in any way interested to spend time with them.


Communicate well.

There are various ways of communicating with others. To maintain a smooth rapport with your teammates, you must determine what method of communication they prefer. Some prefer face-to-face communication while some prefer succinct transactions through emails and writing.


Maintain respect.

At work, time is very important. Show your co-workers you respect them by making it to meetings on time. Do business operations at a time that is convenient for everybody involved. If you meet a co-worker outside of work, refrain from talking about pending paperwork. You also have lives outside of work. Learn to respect that and you’re on your way in building good relationships with them.

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