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Anime Culture in Singapore

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  Like most of the world, Singapore has also been smitten by anime and manga. Whether you’re looking for manga, DVDs, cosplay items (costume-play), collectibles and other merchandise, your search will be short as specialty shops have popped up all over the country in recent years—not to mention the several anime, manga and cosplay events […]

Finding Time to Read

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  Do you know a friend who can read one book per day? Some people can read 200 or more books per year. What’s even more amazing are the people who manage to find time to read even when they’re so busy. Sometimes work or school would get in the way of enjoying a book. […]

How to Make Learning More Enjoyable for Adults

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Continuing education as an adult learner offers numerous advantages. By learning new skills, you can advance your career, secure a good job or pursue your ambitions in a different field. However, our motivation to continue learning wanes as we age. Not to mention that we already have more responsibilities to take care of than we […]