Why You Should Wake Up Earlier Than Your Usual

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For most people, waking up in the morning can be quite a challenge. Even harder is when you try to wake up earlier than your usual. But, once you learn to shake off that morning grogginess, you’ll find that there are a lot of benefits to rising up earlier. Early bird gets the worm? Here are some reasons why you should wake up earlier than usual.

You get to work earlier

Depending on where you are in Singapore, traffic really isn’t that much of a problem because of the nation’s efficient road network and handling. But if you’re taking buses or the MRT, you definitely want to leave your home earlier. At around 8 am, the rush hour crowd will begin to appear and you’ll end up competing with a lot of people just to get a ride. Hence, waking up early saves you from getting an earful from your boss for being late!

You can take your mind off things for a while

When you wake up early in the morning, you’ll notice how quiet and peaceful it actually is. Sometimes this can even come as a surprise to some, especially because they live life so fast-paced, burying themselves in work and not taking a break. Waking up early allows you to have time to take a step back and relax a bit. You get to have a little time to ease up a bit and reflect on your life so far.

You get to plan your day

Waking up early allows you to plan your day ahead. You can list down the goals you want to achieve for the day or even come up with a schedule of your activities. You’ll find that doing this, you’ll be a lot more productive all throughout the day because you already have things sorted out. Early morning is also a good time to plan out because your mind is refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

You have time to work out

Exercise is very important for us humans, whether you acknowledge it or not. Even just a few minutes of exercise can have benefits. So if you find yourself not having any time in the day to work out, try waking up early to be able to do it. In addition to that, you’ll get an energy boost and start your morning off with a back. Of course, don’t do too much that you’ll be too tired to go to work.

You won’t have to skip breakfast.

Having a good meal in the morning will keep you energized and will help you stay healthy. You’ll stay full at least before lunch and you’ll be able to avoid eating unhealthy food to fight off the hunger. If you get up early, you won’t have to rush out of the house and not eat anything. You’ll even be able to spend time with your family at the table before leaving for work.

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