Soundproof Your HDB Flat Using These Simple Tips and Tricks

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When everyone else is awake outside, trying to get some sleep after a long and tiring day is either impossible or really expensive – and in Singapore, everyone else seems to be awake 24/7.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to get the quiet that you need for every part of your home.

DIY Soundproofing Curtains

You can make your very own soundproofing curtains by sewing quilt wadding between two large pieces of fabric that are enough to fit the window. When doing this, you want to make sure that the quilt wadding is at least 2×2 inches smaller than the fabric cloths.

Soundproofing curtains are great when your windows are next to places with high activity, such as near major roads and highways.

However, if you happen to live near an MRT line, double-glazing and using laminate glass can go a long way, and you can usually find them at most hardware stores.

Weatherproofing your Front Door

If you can hear every conversation taking place outside the hallway from the comfort of your HDB’s living room, you may have an intruding noise problem on your hands caused by air leaks and gaps around your front door.

Fortunately, you can usually get rid of this by sealing them, and caulking or plaster can usually do the trick.

For large gaps under your door, it’s not enough to add just one door sweep on the inside. To get the most soundproofing that you can, install a second on the outside as well. Once done, you now have thick rubber seals that keep everything out.

Soundproofing Your Bedroom Door

Is everyone in the living room a little too loud and you need a few moments of quiet in your room? Try adding a draft blocker to your bedroom door!

Draft blockers can not only keep air outside from getting in, and vice versa, but they can also keep a lot of sound out, which makes them a must-have if you happen to be living with loud people.

Adding Faux Ceilings and Walls

Having thin walls and ceilings all but guarantee that you will hear everything from everywhere – and the vice versa is also true. However, there’s a way to get around this, and that’s by adding a layer of insulation.

Essentially, creating false ceilings and walls increases the overall density and can reduce the overall noise that’s vibrating throughout your HDB flat.

There are two types of wall insulation commonly used: mineral wool and polyurethane foam. Of the two, mineral wool is made of natural materials and is much cheaper but breaks down over time. The latter may be more expensive initially, but much longer lasting

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