How to Unclog Your Vacuum in 3 Simple but Effective Steps

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Vacuums may look tough and ragged on the outside, but they are actually made of delicate parts that work together to make cleaning easier, and all it needs to stop working is to suck up the wrong item.

So when you’re stuck with a clogged vacuum, it’s up to you to know how to unclog it to get it working again.

Preventing Vacuum Issues

Before you proceed to vacuum anything in your home, remember that you can avoid almost every vacuum issue just by keeping the following in mind:

  • Checking the canister or bag before vacuuming
  • Keeping the vacuum away from large, wet, or really tiny objects
  • Checking for funny smells
  • Removing large objects first before vacuuming

How to Unclog a Vacuum

When a clog does happen, you won’t have good suction for your vacuum cleaner, which is why it’s important to know how to unclog it to get it to work again. Here’s how you can unclog your vacuum in four simple steps:

            1. Unplug it

The first thing you need to do when you encounter a clog is to unplug your vacuum. This not only prevents the risk of electrical shock, but also prevents it from overheating.

            2. Find the clog

There are three areas where clogs can happen in a vacuum cleaner, and you need to be able to find it in order to unclog your vacuum. Here’s how: 

  • If you suspect that the clog is in the head, turn it upright and take a closer look
  • If the clog is in the hose, unclip the vacuum from the attachment and hold the latter upright.

Next, try dropping something small to see if it will fall through, like a coin. If it doesn’t, you now know where the clog is.

  • If the clog is in the vacuum itself, be sure to wear a glove when poking around where the vacuum meets the hose attachment, since this is most likely where the clog will be.

            3. Fix the clog

Once you’ve identified the clog in your vacuum, it’s time to clear it out. Here’s how you can do it depending on the area of the clog:

  • Flip the attachment over and look inside if the clog is in the head, and use the end of a thin, narrow tool to take it out.
  • If the clog is in the hose, place one end in a garbage bag and poke at the other end with something long (i.e. a mop handle, or broom) until the blockage is pushed out at the other end.
  • If the clog is in the vacuum itself, try feeling for the clog with your fingers and manually pull it out and throw it away.

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