How to Perfectly Make Your Bed like a Professional

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Making your own bed for yourself is easy to do, but doing it in order to impress and set the mood for your day can be slightly trickier.

The secret to any well-made bed is in the corners. For instance, hospital corners lets your top sheet stay taut and gives your bed a more “finished” appearance. And when you’re making your bed to show it off to guests, it’s definitely much better than simply tucking it under the mattress.

While it may take a few times to master it, it becomes easier after that. Here’s how you can start making your bed like a professional:

1. Spread out the bottoms and fit the sheet corners around those of the mattress. Once that’s done, stand at the foot of the bed and spread a top sheet over your fitted sheet.

Be sure to leave a small space between the headboard and the top of the sheet. To avoid confusion, keep in mind that the top sheet is part with the large hem.

2. Tuck the sheet ends at the foot of the bed and make sure that the sheets are tucked smoothly in. Next, make a hospital corner on one side of the mattress by lifting the draping sheet from the side. Be sure to give about sixteen inches of room when doing this.

If you see a triangle-shaped drape between the mattress and the bedding, tuck it in. With your free hand, hold the corner in place and fold the drape over to form a forty-five degree angle.

Repeat the last step for both sides of the bed as well as the blanket.

3. Add the duvet using the “burrito technique”, where you lie it flat on the bed showing the wrong side, and then roll it up along with the comforter as you go along. Next, flip the cover over the end and zip up the duvet.

Unroll your duvet and spread your comforter out – this time, you will see the right side instead. Give your comforter a light shake to even it out on the bed.

4. Add the finishing touches such as the pillows, which you can choose to either let show above the duvet or simply have tucked in beneath them.

If you choose to do the latter, give them a good fluffing and pat-down before placing them on the head of the bed and gently fold the duvet back over them. However, if you prefer the former, simply arrange them according to size, color, or design.

For any finishing touches, you can add things such as extra blankets and cushions to fit your room’s design.

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