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Heart Disease Screening Tests You Shouldn’t Miss

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For most of us, the demands of our families, friends, careers and other relationships leave us with little time for smaller things – even for our regular doctor visits. This shouldn’t be the case. Earlier and better heart disease detection is crucial for protecting ourselves and reducing our risk of developing irreversible heart problems. The […]

8 Ways to Effectively Kickstart a Diet

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  Some people in Singapore always want to eat their way to happiness—but eating too much is never good. Thus, it is important to have a healthy diet and stop making yourself feel better just for the moment by binge eating and munching on “comfort foods”. Now is the time to start your diet effectively […]

What Does Alcohol Do to Your Body?

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  Every Friday or Saturday night here in Singapore, you actually put yourself in the situation where it is impossible to say no for binge or heavy drinking. While many people see this as an act of “You Only Live Once” thing, you have to be aware of what alcohol can do to your body […]

6 Simple Home Remedies to Restless Leg Syndrome

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Do you feel that sudden urge to move your legs when you’re lying or sitting down, especially at night when you’re about to sleep? If so, that’s restless leg syndrome (RLS), which occurs when your brain cells send false signals of discomfort, itchiness, and tingling sensations to the nerve endings of your legs. Moving your […]

A Guide to Better Digestive Health Using Aloe vera

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You’ve probably heard of aloe vera plant before. Chances are you’ve rubbed its famous gel on your skin to soothe your stinging sunburns after a trip to the beach. But if you think that aloe vera is only good for that, then think again. Ingesting the same gel you use to heal your sunburn can […]

4 Essentials for Exclusive Breastfeeding

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No words can describe the excitement and happiness of new parents welcoming their newborn to this world. The birth of a baby likewise entails a lot of decisions for parents – from the baby’s name, to the color of onesies, to the type of crib and the list goes on! One big decision to make […]

Startling Facts about Soda

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Soda is a great thirst quenchers. Whilst it is good to drink soda, we have to be reminded that it does not do well when it comes to our health. Sodas are considered junk foods for a reason. Here are some startling facts about soda: The body will think of it as water: When you […]