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Reasons to Go Camping This Summer

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Camping is fun, but when you think about all the preparation needed, it sets you back from heading out. The process of organizing, finding a good place to camp, and packing your gears and other necessities can deter even the most eager campers. If you’re in a rut, use these five reasons to excite yourself […]

Travel Habits That Change As We Age

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Do you think that your travel habits change as you age? For others, they say that it has nothing to do with age. As long as you have the heart of a traveller, habits will not change. However, others believe that travel habits change as you grow older and, ideally, more mature. For frequent travellers, […]

Life Hacks for Cheaper and More Memorable Travels

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You live for shopping, food and most importantly for travel. Many Singaporeans are particularly fond of traveling and the main motivation is the satisfaction that they will relax at a fancy place somewhere in Paris, Bali or Japan and Bangkok. This seems to be the ideal holiday and you deserve it. With this, it is […]