7 Benefits of Observing Good Posture

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In Singapore, work-related muscular and skeletal disorders have become more apparent. This is because in our time today, sitting all day is very apparent. We sit in front of computers, or slouch looking at our phones, all the while damaging our posture. But, even though we overlook it, maintaining proper posture can bring a lot of benefits.

  1. Holding a good image

A person with good posture may naturally display an air of confidence and/or status. Simply because an open and erect stance is observed to be dominant and influential. He/she may look smarter and more appealing to others. Plus, not slouching shows your actual height and reveals how tall you actually are.

  • More confidence

There’s another factor that causes increased confidence with proper posture, and that is testosterone. When we sit or stand upright, there will be a substantial increase in testosterone. As a result, we are able to take challenges well and we become more active and assertive.

  • Better breathing

Good posture allows us to maximize the use of our lungs and diaphragm. When we slouch habitually, the muscles and tissues surrounding the diaphragm and our chest cavity contracts.  This weakens the lungs’ and its capacity to take in more air.

  • Improved circulation

Much like improving our breathing, having a good posture also betters our blood circulation. When our muscles are loose, the blood vessels in its tissues are also able to function smoothly, keeping the blood flowing without any difficulty.

  • Increased concentration and productivity

When we breathe properly and when our blood flow runs smoothly, we keep are able to keep our brain fresh and energized. The better and the more blood and oxygen that flows to our brain can help improve our concentration and mental performance. 

  • Prevents back pain

A lot muscle pain and stiffness come as a result of poor posture. If we are able to maintain proper posture, this allows our muscles, joints, and bones to align properly. Accordingly, this helps to prevent and ease back pain. It also affects not only our back, but also the head, neck, and even the jaws. Good posture allows for the efficient movement of our muscles, hence reducing the possibility of injury and pain.

  • Healthy bones and muscles

Good posture has been shown to reduce the likeliness of the weakening and exhaustion of bones. Having a bad posture means your skeletal structure is in an abnormal position, giving unnecessary stress to the bones and muscles. This then makes it harder for the body to mitigate tension and pressure in the joints. In addition to this, keeping a poor posture may overwork your muscles and make them stiff.

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