4 Techniques to Communicate Better

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We get it. you’re talented, oozing with great ideas and passionate about everything, but you are often misunderstood, unrecognized and maybe even taken for granted.

Whether it is your relationship with your colleagues or with your loved ones, you often feel frustrated at how frequently people misinterpret what you have to say.

Perhaps, it is not them that’s taking you wrongly, but it’s how you express yourself. Here are a few strategies you can learn to help improve your communication skills and subsequently your relationships with the people around you.

  1. Incorporate Physical Interactions

According to science, human touch promotes release of oxytocin, the ‘love hormone.’ It helps develop the feeling of trust and is believed to reduce the body’s stress levels. When talking to people, try to incorporate appropriate physical interactions. A firm and simple handshake will do for those people who you aren’t very close with. For friends and family, try incorporating more hugs. For your beloved other, snuggles, caresses and massages will do the trick.

  • Create “Me Too” Moments

Great communicators are not just good speakers, they are even better listeners and observants, too. They are great at creating moments that get other people saying “Really, me too!” This manner of speaking promotes openness and sense of bonding that creates space for better communication. How do you do this? Take mental notes when conversing with someone. What activities does excite him? What’s his background? What are his hobbies? Then ask questions about these matters, and you’ll be surprised how the conversation keeps flowing.

  • Mirror the Other Person’s Brain

When we talk, the two halves of our brain operate differently—the right hemisphere is often emotional, while the left hemisphere is logical. When talking with someone, listen and identify which part of the brain they’re speaking from. Ask yourself, ‘Is he trying to express his feelings or trying to solve something?” If the conversation leans toward finding a solution to a problem, then respond logically by brainstorming with them. If the conversation sounds like the other person is just sharing his feelings, respond empathically with your emotional side.

  • Give Your Undivided Attention

Imagine having a dinner with your partner and he’s sharing a story with you, but you’re just constantly distracted by random things—your buzzing phone, passersby and the hustle and bustle around you. Unfortunately, getting distracted is too easy to tell for the other person, which can trigger them from disengaging from you. When talking with someone, try to eliminate distractions as much as you can. Turn your phone in silent—and non-vibrating—mode, maintain eye-to-eye contact and if the place is too loud or busy, consider moving to somewhere calmer and more peaceful. Showing an extra effort to communicate better cultivates trust and connection.

These are just a few of the many ways to help gain the trust of people and encourage them to have genuine conversation with you. In turn, these techniques will result in healthy and open communication. 

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