Wildlife Destinations Famous in Asia

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We are innately created with adventurous spirits. Some realized it and followed it while others remained imprisoned. There are plenty of destinations outside Singapore worth exploring. It is time that we see it and share it to others. We have to remember that it is not too late to discover these places.


If we are into wildlife destinations, the good news is that we do not need to go to Africa just to experience the wildlife. That would be very expensive and kind of exhausting because it is far. Here in Asia, we are also blessed with wildlife. So, before exploring Africa, it is best to explore Asia first.

Here are some wildlife destinations famous in Asia and to the world:

  • Danum Valley: Danum Valley is in Sabah which boasts of 438 square kilometre of rainforest. This is a popular destination because of species found nowhere in the world. In its vastness, it is home to Asian elephants, leopards, hornbills, proboscis monkeys and orangutans. The Valley houses a field centre which is a research centre. Trekking is truly magical because of the untouched rainforests.
  • Siliman Islands: Siliman Islands is a dream for scuba drivers. The Island is home to over 3,000 species of fish including more than 500 species of corals. The diversity of its marine life makes the Siliman Islands one of the world’s top ten diving destinations. Sightings in the island include blacktip reef sharks, blackfin barracudas, diadema sea urchins and banded sea kraits.  If we cannot dive, we can still seek pleasure through snorkelling.

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  • Ranthambore National Park: If African safaris are out of the picture, we can still experience a safari-like adventure in Ranthambore National Park. The park is home to different animals like leopards, tigers, wild boars, turtles and vipers. We can embark on an in-vehicle adventure. Aside from that, we can also consider jungle walks with the help of local guides. If it is not enough, we have to visit the Fort since it is one of UNESCO Heritage site. The famous Bengal tigers await us.
  • Rajah Sikatuna National Park: If we are into bird watching, the Philippines is a good place to start. It is just hours away from Singapore and it boasts of more than 120 species of birds. Rajah Sikatuna National Park spans over 9,000 hectares of grassland and molave forest with 100 caves. We will see the Philippine cockatoo, streaked reed warbler, flying lemur and the adorable tarsier.

When considering the wildlife, it is important that we remember two rules – do not go alone and do it with a local tour guide. These rules will ensure our safety.


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