Where to Splurge On When You Save a Lot from Your Wedding Dress

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Finding a good bridal boutique and scoring a beautiful wedding dress in an affordable price can make a huge difference in your overall wedding budget.

If you are one of those lucky brides-to-be who found a great bargain and save a lot on the wedding dress department, here’s a list of 10 wedding aspects you can splurge on with all the cash you’ve saved!

1. The Venue

First things first, the venue plays a major role on your wedding. This is likely the first thing your bridal studio organizer will pin down before proceeding with the other details, because of what the venue may offer and restrict. With that being said, it is certainly one of the splurge-worthy aspects of wedding due to its importance to the affair. The number of guests, the setting of the ceremony and reception, how the decor will be arranged and many other details are to be decided according to your venue, so you would want to find the perfect one for your big day.

2. Live Music

Whether it is a professional live band in Singapore or just a local jazz group, hiring a live entertainment for your wedding is a surefire way to get the party going all throughout the night on your big day. A live band definitely comes with a hefty price, but it’s absolutely worthy to go live for the cocktail hour and/or after the reception program.

3. Overnight Stay in a Luxurious Hotel

Singapore is chock-full of luxurious hotels with great deals for newlywed couples. Saving as little as S$500 from your wedding gown budget can score you and your soon-to-be-hubby a fabulous night at Shangri-La or The Fullerton Bay Hotel.

4. Wedding Banquet

As much as we all want to believe that it’s about you and your husband-to-be on your big day, let’s be real! The food can make or break your big day and can leave a sour impression if it doesn’t meet your—and your guests’—expectations. Ask your bridal boutique or wedding venue if they can recommend an excellent caterer with a good variety of packages to choose from. Remember, you’ll probably not have much time to eat on your wedding day, but when you have, you want to be satisfied and to remember every bite for the right reasons.

5. Wedding Photography

Your wedding photos are your only memories after your big day has come to an end. If you wish to make every wonderful moment of your day last forever, you need a bridal studio from Singapore and ensure that your savings from your wedding dress can make it happen. Whether it is hiring a videographer, an additional assistant for your photographer or hiring your photography crew for an additional hour or two, you can be sure that every fleeting moment is captured and will be kept for a lifetime. Your bridal studio should be able to offer an in-house photography or at least recommend a great professional for your wedding.

6. Bridal Hair and Make-Up

This is a wedding detail that often gets overlooked. We highly recommend getting your hair and make-up professionally done at least for yourself, and offer it to the bridal party to pay on their own if you are on a tight budget. Especially with the hot and humid weather here in Singapore, professionally done hair and make-up will make a world of difference when you are hours into the night and ready to take the dance floor. You will thank yourself for seeing not a strand of hair out of place and that all-day glow on your cheeks when you look back on your wedding photos.

7. Bridal Party Gifts

Your bridesmaids and your partner’s groomsmen play an important role in the wedding planning stage, as well as on the actual day of your wedding. Even though you have already determined the budget for your bridal party gifts, adding the amount you saved from your wedding gown can get your bridal crew an extraordinary gift to express how grateful you truly are.

8. Rides Home

Your guests will surely that you for this! While your guests may have found their ride to your wedding venue, most will likely be too tired or even drunk to get a cab or drive home themselves home. You may want to use the extra savings for paid-for transpo for your wedding attendees, whether it’s a bus or on-call cabs that your guests can use.

9. Upgrade of Honeymoon Flight

You have finally made it through the chaotic planning and the very busy wedding day; now is the time to take a break, enjoy your first days as husband and wife and go to an amazing honeymoon. If you are going on a long-haul flight, why not use the extra cash you saved and upgrade your flight from economy to business class? Travel in style and ultimate relaxation. You deserve it!

10. Starting Your Marriage

You can use the extra savings for other wedding details and for your honeymoon, but it’s also nice to use the extra dollars for starting your marriage. After the beer has run out, the dancing is over, and the guests have gone home, it is now about your marriage and how to start a life together. Any savings from your wedding will make a good contribution for your future—whether it’s for buying a new home, preparing for your future baby or starting your marriage debt-free. Do your best to make your wedding day memorable and extra special, but remember that it isn’t an opulent wedding that’s going to define your marriage.

Whether you purposely cut your budget for your wedding dress or just lucky to find an amazing gown at a bridal boutique for a cheaper price, the extra cash you saved can pave the way to splurging to other details of your wedding. Let this list be your guide on splurging smartly for your big day.

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