What You Need to Know about Preventive Mastectomy

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More and more Singaporean women with early stage breast cancer opts for preventive mastectomy. Breast cancer is alarming even if it is still an early stage. But before considering this, women should receive counselling to discuss the impacts of the procedure in their lives.


Preventive mastectomy is a removal of breast tissue (or the complete breast) to prevent or reduce breast cancer. It is important that you know different things about preventive mastectomy so you will be informed and from there you can make your choice whether to have it or not. Here are some things that you need to know about the surgical procedure:



When you consider preventive mastectomy you should expect a removal of a breast tissue or the entire breast. This is not a simple procedure so patients need to be informed of the drawbacks. The procedure may give rise to bleeding, infection, breast malfunction and more importantly, its psychological effects.


If you think that you cannot live without your breast, you can have other alternatives. You should submit to close monitoring. You need to be monitored so when signs of cancer show up, you will be given proper treatment and medications right away.

Follow Up Care

If you pushed through with the removal and reconstruction of your breast, you should submit to follow up care to ensure that everything is in place. The doctors need to know if the reconstruction have no infection and other side effects.

It is dreadful to hear that you have breast cancer. What do you do? You should quickly think about your options. Do not waste time by sulking. If you want preventive mastectomy, you should submit yourself to such actions as soon as possible.

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