What You Need for Your Smouldering Look

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You want to have that smouldering look (like you see from models) so you can attract attention. There is nothing wrong with that. If you want to achieve a smouldering look, there are some items that you can consider. You do not need thick make-up to achieve that smouldering look. Sometimes, you only need a bold but easy make-up.


Here are some items that you can consider so you can achieve that smouldering look:

  • Black pencil liner: Black pencil liner is best if it is used properly and correctly. The first thing that you should do is line your entire (upper and lower) lash line including the tightline. Tightline refers to the area between the lash line and the eyeballs.
  • Stiff brush: The stiff brush is best if you want to add a stroke of colour below your lash line.


  • Fluffy brush: Fluffy brush is best if you want to highlight your brow bones. The best shade would be the metallic brown-beige.
  • Lipstick: You can use lipstick to achieve that smouldering looks. You can choose between beige or peachy lipsticks. To add more colour, you have to layer it with magenta lipstick. Do not forget to press your lips together so colours will blend.
  • Mascara: Finally, you can finish everything with mascara. Do not hesitate to put more attention to your eyes. Putting mascara is perhaps the easiest thing to do.

Do not forget about your dress. You will look extraordinary if you choose a sequinned top or party dress. You will surely become a head turner. You will see.


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