What We Need to Know Before Heading to the Polls

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We have to make time to join the polls and exercise our right as a Singaporean. Polling day is on Friday, September 11, 2015. With that, here are some things that we need to know about it:


  • Polling stations open at 8am: There will be eight hundred thirty three polling stations strategically placed across Singapore. It will open at exactly 8am and it will close at 8pm. There is a long queue in the morning.
  • Which polling station to go? If it is our first time to vote, we should have our polling card by now. If we haven’t received it yet, we can call the Election Department (ELD) or we can search their website to find out our exact polling station. If we received the polling card, we should go to the stations stated in the card. It is that simple.


  • Dress code: There is no dress code but we have to avoid wearing clothing that can associate to a political party. The law clearly forbid canvassing.
  • What to bring and not to bring: Of course, we have to bring our polling card and original identification documents. We have to be reminded that photocopies are not allowed. We should not bring video cameras, cameras, sharp objects, large bags and pets (except for people who need guide dogs). Children are prohibited in the polling stations.
  • Consequence of being late: Polling stations open from 8am to 8pm so there is no reason we should be late. Late voters will not be honoured.
  • For overseas voters: Singaporeans residing abroad should be registered. There are ten designated overseas polling stations located in London, Canberra, Beijing, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Washington, Dubai, New York and San Francisco.


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