What to Look For In a Tentage Company?

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The structure of your event plays an important role in the success of the occasion. Knowing what to look for in tent rental company and how they do business can help you hire the best one that will meet your expectations and the requirements of your event.



First and foremost, knowing the customer satisfaction rate of a tentage rental company will help you determine whether the tent supplier you’re currently dealing with is a good pick or not. Though history is not perfect, it can still serve as your reliable predictor of the future. If the rental company’s previous clients are pleased with their services, they must be one of the best and has the potential to give you the same satisfaction as well.


List of Latest Projects

Along with the list of references, look for a list of projects that the tent rental company has accomplished in the last six months. Give extra attention to the size of the party, type of event, type of location, and the tentage in Singapore canopy structures (e.g. high peak tents, frame tents, clear structure) in every project they had. Ask for the names and contact details of event planners, and call a number of them until you feel secure that the Singapore rental company is a good choice. Take note of some important points for comparison if dealing with two or more tentage rental companies.


Terms and Conditions

After everything has been settled, the agreement will be put into writing. The document should contain everything that has been agreed upon, such as the number of tents, chairs, and tables they will supply, and the span of time the supplies will be used. The stated terms and conditions should be fully understood and negotiated as this will serve as your legal bases if anything unexpected happens. Furthermore, these legal points contribute to the overall cost of the rental package and this will govern the major aspects of the services provided by the rental company.


Years of Experience

Among the top qualities that you should look for in a tentage rental company is the years of experience. Research how long the company has been in the Singapore tentage business of managing the type and size of event you have. Also know their manager’s experience in planning and coordinating their company’s resources, as well as the experiences of the whole construction team. It is always good to familiarize the skill level of everyone you will be working with, since these people’s expertise will serve as the foundation element for the success of your event.


Ask whether the company provides an insurance certificate for legal responsibility, workers compensation, and other more things that you think are necessary for your event. The insurance representative may advise you to take coverage limits regardless of the size of your event.


Availability and Condition of Inventory

Choose supplies based on the needs of your event, not because of what supplies are left. If you’re looking for large sized tents, do not just look for one that can accommodate the size requirement alone. Though size is important, style and structure is also equally significant in choosing a canopy that will complement the theme of the event, audience viewing options, flow of traffic, placements of chairs, tables, equipments, and staging.  Being able to choose a tent from a range of frame sizes, high peak, and clear span structures allows flexible design and planning.

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