What to Do and Where to Go When in Suntec City Mall

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Whenever travelling, you have to make a lot of lists. First among these lists is the list of the things you should pack. You also need to list a set of itineraries or the places you will go to once you reach your destination. In that list of itineraries, landmarks, historical places, restaurants and malls for buying souvenirs are included. Now, have you ever thought of having a specific list to go to once you visit a mall or you just trust your instinct when it comes to this? If you haven’t yet, now is the time because in a mall as diverse as the Suntec City Mall, there are a lot of things you should do and places you should go.


When you are in Suntec City mall, the first thing you must do is to take a picture to the “Fountain of Wealth.” This fountain is no ordinary fountain because it is the world’s largest fountain according to the Guinness Book of Records. Taking pictures during the day is fantastic, but the night light colours in the fountain has ineffable beauty. Make sure to have your photos here.

There are more recreational activities in Suntec mall. If you want to try getting lost in translation, you can watch the latest movies in cinemas here. You can also their Midnight Maximum Tune, the gaming centre in the mall. If you are not yet done travelling the city, Suntec City offers Duck and Hippo Tours which tours people via water or boat through the Duck boat and via bus through the Hippo bus. The Skygarden are perfect for children to play in.


During the shopping proper, you have as much as 300 stalls in four different floors selling different products to go to, and you cannot go to all of them. When it comes to clothes, bags and shoes, Suntec City Mall got all types of brands from Levi’s, H&M, Uniqlo and Lowrys Farm. Jewellery shops are also in this mall like Swarovski and Swatch.

If you need a break for some refreshment, stalls ranging from simple ones offering Singaporean bread with fusion of Asian cuisines to fine dining can all be found in this mall.



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