What Google Street View Offers

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If you wonder what the world looks outside of Singapore, you should travel and see what it has to offer. If you lack the resources, you can still explore the world by reading books or magazines. However, the modern thing to do is consider Google Street View. Google Street View is the most practical thing that you can consider. It will enable users to explore a place – visually. 


Google Street View is a gift that should be treasured. Here in Singapore, you can access Google Street View. This technology is presented in Google Earth and Google Map. It delivers panoramic views of famous streets around the world. It was presented on May 25, 2007. From that time on, many people have considered it. If you want to know more about Google Street, you should look further.


  • Mechanics: For Google Street View to be successful, there are different factors that should be considered. The team should think of the weather, time, imagery and the population density. After that, they will prepare the car. The car is equipped with global positioning system, 15 camera lenses (which points in every direction) and three lasers. These things should work well to capture the perfect images for public viewing.  
  • Features: Google Street View is available on Google Maps. You can identify it by referring to blue lines found on Google Maps. Orange coloured circles refer to business interior. The owners can get a photographer to take images of their interior which can be used in Street View. If you want to know the turns, parking and streets before travelling, you can refer to Street View.
  • Coverage: Google Street View was first presented in America. Now, it covers more than 40 countries. If you want to know more of the countries covered by Street View, you can refer to the site. If you ask what country here in Southeast Asia that considered Street View, you will be delighted to know that it is Singapore. Google Street View is available in parts of Japan, Hong Kong, Israel, Taiwan, Macau and Thailand. 

There you go. Google Street View is indeed a gift that should not be wasted. The good news is that Malaysia is now part of Street View. In the case of Malaysia, they used Google Street View to capture the beauty of Sultan Abdul Halim M’adzam Shah Bridge – the longest bridge in Southeast Asia. If you are looking for other views, you can feast your eyes to Penang War Museum, Fort Cornwallis and the Dhammikarma Burmese Temple.





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