What Does Alcohol Do to Your Body?

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Every Friday or Saturday night here in Singapore, you actually put yourself in the situation where it is impossible to say no for binge or heavy drinking. While many people see this as an act of “You Only Live Once” thing, you have to be aware of what alcohol can do to your body as early as now.


Alcohol is irrevocably destructive. You probably know that but you still think that it is worth it. It is time that you know what it can do to your body then decide whether you want to continue or do your best to stop it no matter how it irresistible it can be. The first thing that you need to know is that heavy drinking can in fact mar cognitive function as well as memory recall and it can even result to multiple organ failure.

When you drink frequently and heavily, your body suffer extremely. The question here is, can the body fully recover from the damage? According to Dr. George Koob from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism of America, any medical sickness can be worse by drinking alcohol too much.

Alcohol can destroy cells everywhere in the body. It can affect the liver which can lead to loss of cells and possibly cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is fatal because other illnesses will spring from it like pancreatitis, cancer and diabetes if taken in high doses. Yes, it can affect just any part of the body but it is more damaging to the brain and liver.


You have to know that when you drink alcohol, it will be metabolized when it reach the liver. When it reaches the liver, it will interact with enzymes that are being used for other bodily function. If this happens, there will be inflammation that happens in the liver.

As for the brain’s case, the network gets confused and you cannot grow back the neutrons that wither. If you just recently started with the booze, you can still reverse these effects but Dr. Koob said that there is a point that you cannot recover. There is a disorder that happens when you drink for long periods without eating properly. It is called Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome.

The main issue here is not getting proper treatment. The recovery is different in every person but generally, the longer you have abstained from alcohol, the safer you are and of course it is always a work-in-progress. World Health Organization is warning the public that alcohol is one of the world’s main causes of health problems. People just consume it without knowing how it can affect their body.

Early intervention is important. Remember to take everything in moderation.


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