Wedding Videography 101

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Videography is the act of recording or capturing moments in motion. Many amateur videographers do it for fun, while professional ones use it as their source of income. Regardless of your videography skill level, if you have shooting sessions, make sure that you’re prepared for it. When preparing for a shoot, specially for wedding videography, you should have a checklist of the gears and equipment you need. Your list should include the following:


You should secure your camcorder. If you are still looking for the best camcorder in town, do not worry because you will surely find one. You can ask experts (if you know any) or read online reviews and feedbacks. You can also get personal references from friends and colleagues. This is quite easy in Singapore – and even more so during the Great Singapore Sale – where various malls offer high-end equipment at lower prices. If you need it for professional purposes, get camcorders with the best specs. You can find many in the market too. Just expect higher prices for of their additional features.


Charged Batteries

Before you go out to shoot, make sure that your batteries are properly and fully charged, especially because sometimes we get too excited for our shooting that we forget to charge our equipment. It is even better if you can bring with you your charger and spare batteries. But what if there is none? It would be a major disappointment. So, before any shooting, make sure the battery and the camcorder is in good condition. If you have extra batteries, you should charge it for backup power.



To get high-quality sound on your video you need to use sensitive microphones that can crisply copy real sound sources and turn it into digital bites. While wedding videography is largely about visuals, the element of sound is also crucial in making excellent wedding videos.



Tripod refers to a three legged support of the camcorder or camera. Tripods are collapsible and it is used for supporting. Tripods will ensure the stability of the camcorder for a better shooting. Wedding videography will look better if you have tripods.


There’s a fine line between cinematography and videography, but due to the rise of digital recording, the distinction is now unclear. The influx of computers and the availability of the World Wide Web to the public have further widened the arena for videography. Now, videography that you can find from perfect videography singapore includes animation, streaming, video blogging, slideshows, underwater, medical imaging, security camera and many more.

One of the most practical uses of videography is in recording important life events like weddings. In fact, wedding videography has become so popular in Singapore that it is the preferred niche of most videographers here. Consider this options if you want to build a career making videos. If you are serious about wedding videography, you will do your best to capture every special moment.

Wedding videography is closely related to wedding photography as both arts in capturing images. If you have a background in photography, making wedding videos ought to be a bit easier for you. The lessons you learn in photography can be applied in making videos and vice-versa. If you do cover a wedding, enjoy the process because it will reflect on your videos. Even if it is not your wedding, you should do your best to create good videos.

Good luck to you and may you shoot great videos!

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