Wedding Ring Shopping: Searching for a Reliable Jewellery Shop

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Buying an engagement ring or wedding ring isn’t like buying clothes. Precious stones and metals come with their own language. Purchasing one involves style and quality that it’s almost impossible for an untrained eye to fully identify a good-quality stone.

In addition to that, most of us purchase fine jewellery very seldom, with most of these times are the moments with emotional significance, like wedding proposals. Therefore, in order to make the most of this rare occasion, it’s important to find a jeweller you can trust when buying your proposal ring. Ask yourself these questions when meeting a few vendors for your ring shopping.

1. Does the jeweller listen attentively?

Respected jewellers should be attentive to you the moment you enter the store. And in case you’re not the only customer in store, the jewellery shop should have one salesperson for every client. The salesperson should show interest in helping you by asking questions about the style your girlfriend wants and her lifestyle. After a series of questions, the specialist of customized wedding bands in Singapore should be able to present an array of suitable rings, but also guide you in narrowing down your options. Although they should help maximize your options, you should not walk away from the store feeling overwhelmed as well.

2. Is the store established?

Buy your engagement ring from a vendor whom you can develop a long-lasting relationship. Find out how long the jeweller has been in the business and search for reviews of the company online. An established company is more likely to be reliable and guaranteed to be around in the coming years for your jewellery’s maintenance—as well as when searching for a special anniversary gift in the next years of your marriage.

3. Does the company offer more than just selling jewellery?

A good jeweller should offer an array of relevant services to help you choose the right ring and provide the right solution for problems that may arise in the future. Here are a few beneficial things to look for:

• An In-house Gemologist. A gemologist is a professional who’s trained to closely observe the properties of precious stones and can help you find the right stone for the style you’re looking for and your budget.
• A Bench Jeweller. This professional can help resize or repair your jewellery.
• A Custom Jeweller. If you fancy a custom-made wedding ring, this is the person to talk to.

4. Are the jewellery staffs knowledgeable?

When shopping for an engagement ring, everyone in the jewellery store should be able to answer your questions and even provide more information that comes handy for your ring shopping. If they can’t, at least they can point you to someone in the store who can help you further. Going to a jeweller that specializes in fine jewellery and diamonds, and has in-house gemologist guarantees that you’ll be provided with the right assistance. Do not hesitate to walk away and look for another store if a salesperson cannot answer your queries—your questions are essential in finding the right ring.

5. Does the jeweller help you further understand the 4Cs?

The 4Cs (carat, colour, clarity and cut) are the most important factors when buying a diamond ring. Although you’re not trained to check a stone’s 4Cs, a good jeweller should help you understand this matter and let you see first-hand the beauty of the diamond you are about to purchase. When viewing precious stones, ask the following questions:
• Can I see the cut of this diamond under a gem microscope?
• Do you have a full-spectrum of diamond light for colour grading?
• Do you have a set of colour grading stones so I can compare the colour of this diamond?

6. How do they mark the integrity of precious metals?

Many jewellery stores in Singapore focus on the quality of a ring’s diamond. But the metal used for the band matter as well. Check for the stamp on the band, which verifies the ring’s metal content. For gold rings, it should show either 10K, 14K or 18K; while for platinum, it should say PLT.

7. What are the warranty and return policies?

The basic return policies of most large purchases also apply to wedding rings and other jewellery. In case you’re having your ring custom-made, ask whether they can they provide jewellery in the given timeframe? To cover your bases, read and understand carefully the warranty, refund and return policies of your jeweller.

8. In general, can the jeweller be trusted?

Before finally paying for the engagement ring you have chosen, ask yourself again: do I really trust this jeweller? You will know that a company is trust-worthy in many different ways: it is referred by someone close to you, the company’s reputation in the field, the information you have gathered about the jewellery store, and lastly your gut feeling. Look through these aspects once more, and if any doubt surfaces in you, you’re better off finding another jeweller. Shopping malls in Singapore are clad with jewellery stores; you will surely find one that can provide the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Armed with the right questions to ask yourself and the jeweller, you are now ready to shop for the perfect engagement or wedding ring with much more ease. Not only this guarantees a beautiful ring for you and your lifelong partner, but also positions yourself to establish a lasting relationship with a jeweller you know you can trust for the years to come.

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