The Marvels of Changi Village

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P1040644.RW2-FILEminimizerIf you are living near the Changi Village, you will be happy to know that the area will see more development and upgrading in the next months. The Changi Cove Hotel along Hendon Road spearheaded the development. Analysts said that the Changi Village should expect a sports and recreation complex soon. In fact, few of the colonial buildings in the village are undertaking some upgrading. The upgrading will be finished by the 2nd quarter of 2014.

Changi Village had many developments in the past years. To give you an example, here are some developments the village saw in the past years:



The people saw the completion of Changi Village Hotel. This hotel has this contemporary approach that is appealing to the visitors. Visitors should expect the best of Singaporean hospitality with beautiful rooms, tasty foods and modern amenities designed to make every stay memorable. The hotel has been refurbished recently.

Ferry Terminal

People are enjoying ease of transportation because of the ferry terminal. The ferry terminal is called Changi Point Ferry Terminal. The ferries can take people to Pulau Ubin and other North-East islands. There are ferries that transport passengers to other destinations like Johor.

Bus Terminal

Apart from the ferry terminal, people also enjoy a bus terminal. The bus terminal is called Changi Village Bus Terminal. The buses have regular schedules that will take people to different places here in Singapore.

Hawker Center

Residents can also enjoy hawker centers in Changi Village. The village is known for nasi lemak and wanton. In fact, television programmes are featuring nasi lemak and wanton from the village. The stalls with these foods have long queues. Aside from hawker centers, there are coffee shops available here. Residents from Tampines and Pasir Ris drive to Changi Village to grab some drinks.


Changi Village is conducive for family bonding. In fact, the families gather around the walkway at the Changi Beach Park every weekend to have a picnic. The pristine beaches and the outstanding view made it famous among the locals and tourists.

Sporting club

Changi Village has this sea sporting club that offers kayaking lessons and rentals. People who are fond of water adventure can visit the club and enjoy its amenities and equipments.

Changi Village was considered “ghost town” but in 2005, the government promised that they will revive the village. Today, Changi Village is known as a modern village with many developments underway. Singaporeans believe that the village is an alternative for the city center. People from Changi Village need not go to the center to enjoy all the luxuries. Despite the modernity, the village will not lose its charm.


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