The Basics of Wedding Planning

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Planning your own wedding is very exciting but if you are a wedding planner, planning other people’s wedding should be equally as exciting as planning your own. Here, you can do again the things you loved when preparing for your wedding, such as choosing your wedding vendors and fitting your wedding gowns – except that you’re really acting for someone else.

If you seriously take wedding planning as your profession, you should be good at it. Wedding planning is lucrative in Singapore because every day, there are couples that are deciding to marry. Anyone can be a wedding planner. You do not need a formal education or a diploma to effectively carry out your tasks. Sometimes, all it takes is a guide.


Do not expect to get the media or spotlight attention if you are a beginner. Of course, you should start at a small scale. You can initially offer your services for free or for a reasonable price to your friends and other relatives. If you proved your talent in wedding planning, your friends and other relatives will do the job of advertising through the word of mouth or by online wedding portals such as brides choice in Singapore to get the word out. It is very important that you impress these people. Here’s a guide that you can consider:

Sit with them and discuss about their dream wedding

If the couple want your service, you should spend time sitting with them and talk about their dream wedding. Ask about the style of Singapore wedding gowns she prefers, what wedding car he’d like to ride, how they want their décor to look, and a lot more. In your notebook, write all the things they want. After that, you should ask them how much they are willing to pay. The cost will depend on the kind of wedding they have in mind. If it is grand, of course they should allot a big money. If it is simple, it will not require too much of their money. You should also ask them the date.

Call the venue and do a site inspection together with the couple

The couple should be there when you conduct site inspections so they will know the look of the place as you envision it. If the couple set up a fair amount for the venue, you should look for the cheapest but presentable venue in the city of Singapore. Make sure the bride-to-be won’t have any problem with her wedding gowns at the venue, such as if it has a dirt pathway, which may ruin her train.


Design an invitation card

If they ask you to do the invitation card, just get the list of the sponsors, the entourage and the people they will invite. As soon as you confirmed the date and the venue, you should lay out and the design an invitation card. You can show it to the couple and if they agreed to it, you should start sending it.

Call the caterers and cake makers for a tasting session together with the couple

You should make sure the food is tasty. Never forget about the cake and the centerpieces. It will add beauty to the whole setting. There are many caterers here in Singapore that offer value for your money.

Look for a boutique to make the suits and wedding gowns

Now that everything is set, the suit and the wedding gown should be decided. Looking for a suitable suit or wedding gown can be challenging but if you know where to get it, your client will surely be happy about it. Make sure that the suits and the Singapore wedding gowns fit the couple.

You should make sure that during the wedding, nothing could go wrong. Create in your mind possible scenarios and back up plans so when things happen, you know what to do. Do not panic because the bride will feel nervous. Just take everything gracefully and deal with it. If you plan the wedding as if it is your own, everything will surely work out.

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