Sports and Recreation for All

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If sports is your favourite past time, there are many places or establishments here in Singapore that you can consider. Sports are important because it can contribute to your overall development and wellness. It should be encouraged and promoted so that all people can live healthy and happy.

In this case, you can engage in:

Indoor Sports


If you prefer indoor sports, you can try Xtreme SkatePark and ice sports. Xtreme SkatePark is in East Coast with 1.4 hectares of courses with obstacles (like ledges, stairs and handrails) for professionals and beginners. If you want to try ice sports, look for a rink nearby. Meanwhile, if you want to witness the National Ice Hockey League, you can call (+65) 6276-0364 for match schedules and other important updates.

Water Sports


Singapore is the ideal place for water sports because of its beaches. If you want to try water sports, you should head to East Coast Park. There is this SKI360. This is a cable ski park that offers night skiing, cable-skiing and cable wakeboarding. If you prefer to paddle, head to Bedok Reservoir and enjoy kayaking and dragon boating. You can also go to Marina Reservoir and try their canoeing and rowing. Other parks that you can consider include Lower Selatar, Changi Beach and Kallang Riverside.

Spectator Sports


If you think you are better off as an audience, you are free to watch sporting events like rugby, football, basketball, golf, badminton and tennis. Aside from that, you are free to witness Barclays Singapore Open, Singapore Marathon, Volvo Ocean Race and many more. Watch out for the schedules and make sure to secure your tickets.

Whether you do sports for competition or recreation, you should keep in mind to practice it safely. Accidents are inevitable so the least thing that you can do is play it safe.

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