Skills You Need to Learn to Get That Job

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In the labour market, it is important that you have different skill sets because that is how you will make your mark here in Singapore especially that skill requirements have changed due to technological advances and globalization. Have you heard about the Manpower Talent Shortage Survey conducted by the OECD?


The study showed countries that will soon see shortage of skills like in the case of Japan, India, Brazil, Turkey and Mexico. The employers in these countries find it hard to find employees with the required skill set necessary to complete the tasks. Knowing these, it is crucial that you do not stop learning things and improving your skills.

Here are the skills that you need to learn to get that job – or solidify your claim to it:

  • Sales skills: A business is either selling a product or service. Either way, you need the necessary skill to make a transaction. You have to understand that sales are the foundation of business success and knowing how to do it can boost your value in the company and other companies in the near future. If at this time you do not have sales experience, do not fret because you can learn it through your mentors and bosses.


  • Coding skills: You do not need to be a programmer. Just basic coding skills can make a difference at the end of the day. If you have at least a basic understanding of how the web works, it can be to your advantage. Remember that there are many positions that necessitate technical knowledge. The best way to practice this is to do side projects no matter how small it is just to familiarize yourself with how it works.


  • Project management skills: You will be a valuable asset if you can manage projects and make sure to implement and execute it. Many employees have vivid ideas but they fail to execute it. You should learn how to get things done in a timely and fashionable manner.


  • Communication skills: Perhaps this is one of the most valuable skill set you have to learn because it begets all. This refers to your listening, verbal or written skills. The ability to communicate and reach out to customers no matter the situation can be a real asset to the company.


  • Analytical and research skills: The employers will want to know how you assess the situation and deal with it through research. Your ability to seek solutions and address it is important skill you need to fortify.


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