Singapore: What to Do on a Beach

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There are a lot of beaches in the country that is worth for a relaxing vacation. In fact, most of the beaches here are well-liked by many foreign visitors as well as locals. Most of the time, tourists visit the place just because it is visited by a number of people and actually, it will not come on their minds that there are a lot of things to do in the beach except from swimming and picture-taking. Here are the following list:


Sun tanning – Singapore’s very hot climate is perfect for many individuals who wants to obtain a tan color. Mos of the tourist who go here are British and American since it is a trend to their country to get tan.

Go Underwater – Instead of swimming, seek for some nice things under Singapore’s ocean. Here, you will see different kind of marine life like corals, many species of fish and many more.


Play Outdoor Games – Soccer, volleyball, badminton and Frisbee. These are the most common games in the beach. So, if you don’t have any interest about swimming, then get up and play with your family or perhaps friends or colleagues.

Bury Someone – If it looks like you don’t like what others are doing, you might like burying someone alive. Go and find someone who’s willing to do it.

Actually, there are so many things to do once you are in the attractive beaches of Singapore. You’ll not only enjoy the scenic view of the beach but also the list of things to do on a Singapore beach.



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