Remember These on Your Next Job Interview

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Sometimes even if you have read all about the things there are in the book about job interviews, you are still caught off-guard with the interview itself. Here are some things to never forget before your big interview.


1. Understand. It is not enough to read about your prospect company profile. You should be able to get a grasp about the missions and visions of the company. Your understanding of the company will be evident come interview time. Memorizing printed words about the company will be obvious to the panel. Make sure you allot ample time to really understand the company you are applying to.

2. Rehearse. Surprisingly, common interview questions are taken for granted. The usual “Where do you see yourself five, ten years from now?” or “How can you contribute to the company?” sometimes become nerve-wracking if you have nit seriously rehearsed your answers to these. Make an effort to formulate your answers to common interview questions. After all, there is a reason why these are called common!


3. Dress smart and comfortably. A corporate attire is a must during job interview. What others seem to forget is that a corporate attire in which you are comfortable with is better. Do not wear clothes and shoes that are one size smaller or bigger. Wear your own. It doesn’t even have to be new. Do you have an old pair of black leather shoes that will go well with your outfit? Putting some shoe shiner should do the trick! Dressing to impress is good for as long as your comfort is not compromised. Always remember that you cannot calm your nerves in a suit that you are not comfortable with!

4. Smile. This is the most overlooked tip of all. While you are in the waiting room, probably in a line with all the other applicants, give your best smile. A smile can help you loosen up and in turn, give you that feeling of confidence you need at the moment. Smiling can do wonders for the brain as well. It will keep you focused and alert – just what you need to ace that interview!

Everyone goes through that phase of panicking before an interview. When you think of how much is at stake with this interview, you have two options: you can either lose your balance or you can get a grip of yourself. The latter will be very much helpful in landing you the job you have always dreamed of!

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