Reasons to Go Camping This Summer

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Camping is fun, but when you think about all the preparation needed, it sets you back from heading out. The process of organizing, finding a good place to camp, and packing your gears and other necessities can deter even the most eager campers.

If you’re in a rut, use these five reasons to excite yourself to explore the outdoors again.


1.       You Get a Fun Workout

Not all camping involves working out, but it certainly has a thing or two that helps burn calories, such as chopping the fire woods and walking your way to the campsite. For regular campers, going camping is a great chance to hike, bike, and swim, all of which provide great health benefits but in a more fun way.

2.       You Free Yourself From Technology

With all the stress we get from work, sometimes we just want to get away and not have to answer work-related calls and emails. Many camping grounds don’t have WiFi, sometimes even cell signal, so you won’t be disturb by external stressors. When you go camping, you can really get up close with your family, friends, significant other, or whoever you are going with.



3.        The Food Tastes Far Better

Hamburgers, ribs, corn on the cob, and roasted marshmallows taste a lot better when cooked in the open air. Cooking over an open fire or over a griller gives your meats intense flavours—not to mention how flavourful s’mores are when cooked over an open flame than on the stove you have at home.

4.       Share and Learn New Camping Skills

Living outdoors is a great opportunity to share and acquire new survival skills. After your camping trip, you will likely have learned building a fire and teach kids how to stay safe around one and how to maximize the things you have. The wilderness is a fun learning ground not just for acquiring new skills, but learning more about yourself as well.

5.       It’s an Affordable Vacation

Camping is far cheaper than trips requiring you to stay in hotels, and car trips are much more money-saving than airfares. It’s a good way to explore new surroundings without breaking the bank. Although good outdoor equipment is an investment, it will eventually pay off if you can get away with staying in hotels.

Now that you’ve got your spirits high, make sure you enjoy the remaining days of summer. Explore the great outdoors with the best people in your life.


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