Notorious Behaviours to Avoid at Work

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We go to work to earn money and improve our careers not to be counterproductive and promote disorder. Even at work, we are expected to be our best behaviour and co-exist harmoniously. Somehow this vision is difficult to achieve because we bring notorious behaviours.


With this, it is important that we know how to behave whenever we are in the workplace. Here are some behaviour that we should avoid at work:

  • Gossiping: Gossiping is without a doubt counterproductive. Even if it is your break, forget about gossiping and thinking worse of others. Wallowing in other people’s misfortunes can hurt. Gossiping will make you look negative.
  • Backstabbing: It seems that backstabbing is in every community. The office is a professional place with only ideas to discuss not the lives of other people. Backstabbing colleagues – either intentionally or not, is the greatest source of hostility in the office.


  • Emotional hijacking: Emotional hijacking is not healthy in the workplace. Emotional hijacking includes throwing things to people, making someone cry and screaming. These actions will only turn negative attention to you. You will be labelled as unapproachable and unstable.
  • Bragging: Singapore is what it is because it did not brag or gloat. Bragging about your “success” will simply intimidate other team members. Instead of bragging, be humble and always give credit to the group.
  • Telling lies: White lie or not, it is still a lie. It can destroy and relationship at the end of the day. The lies will eventually spread until they are discovered. Once caught, there is no way to take it back.

We should know better not to bring our behaviours in the workplace or it will cost us our job.



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