Make Your Child Eat Healthily With These Treats

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Children are the pickiest eaters of all. That’s why parents are fully aware of the struggle of feeding them. Kids instinctively pick quick eats like junk foods so it’s really a struggle to create foods that are both beneficial and appealing. To help you with that struggle, here are some food ideas that your kids will surely think as treats but are actually healthy.


1. Walnut and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies – Adding walnuts to the all-time favourite chocolate chip cookies don’t only add flavour, but a significant amount of omega-3 as well. Walnuts boost your child’s concentration, while dark chocolate chips are a sweet way to increase his intake of magnesium, fibre, and iron.

2. Fruit Shakes – Using seasonal fruits with the help of water, milk, and a bit of honey, fruit shakes are the perfect alternative to milkshakes. By serving it in decorative glasses and popping in colourful straws, your little nuggets won’t notice the difference.

3. Peanut Butter on Toast – While peanut butter isn’t the best choice for adults as it’s loaded with calories, this can be a healthier option for kids. Little ones can use a bit more of calories, along with fibre, iron, and Vitamin B without the worry of gaining weight.


4. Fruit Sorbets – Sorbets made from real fruits can be just as tasty as real ice cream. Just make sure to read the label if opting for a store-bought one to ensure that real fruits are used and not just fruit juices.

5. Sweet Potato Fries – French fries are always a kid’s choice. However, you can make it healthier by substituting regular potato with sweet potato, which is rich in Vitamin, C, potassium, and beta carotene. Baking sweet potato strips instead of frying them also helps preserve the delicate nutrients, without sacrificing its crisp that kids love.

6. Berries – Berries are sweet and flavourful so it shouldn’t be difficult to throw in some of it in your child’s pancakes for his breakfast. Have an assortment of berries—strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries—inserted in between pancakes or mix slices of these fruits into the batter before cooking them in the pan.

Kids often associate healthy food with being tasteless. So to ensure your kids would be delightful to munch on healthy treats, be creative on flavours.


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