Life Hacks for Cheaper and More Memorable Travels

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You live for shopping, food and most importantly for travel. Many Singaporeans are particularly fond of traveling and the main motivation is the satisfaction that they will relax at a fancy place somewhere in Paris, Bali or Japan and Bangkok. This seems to be the ideal holiday and you deserve it. With this, it is important that you plan ahead.


As much as possible, you want to travel as frequent as you can without draining all your finances. That is a dream come true. What if it is possible? You can travel frequently without jeopardising your savings and possibly touch your retirement funds. Here are some hacks that can make your trip even more memorable without spending so much:

1. Choose cities well. When people visit France, they will head to Paris and when they go to Japan, they will surely visit Tokyo. These cities are a must but if you want to stay in budget, do not linger in these cities because they tend to be more expensive than their rural counterparts.  You have to know that choosing a lesser known city can save you a lot of money and trouble. For example, if you want to go to Japan, instead of heading to Tokyo, why not consider Kyushu Island, Nagasaki and Fukuoka?

2. Choose the right people. If you want to travel alone, you should do that by all means but if you want to travel with many others, it is crucial that you choose the right travel buddies. It is pain to travel with people who are control freaks, sickly or high maintenance. Find people who think like you. You will actually save a lot of money at the end of the day.


3. Stay with locals. There is nothing wrong if you choose hotels or backpackers inn as your accommodation but sometimes, to truly feel their culture, you have to stay with the locals. Have you heard about couchsurfing? Couchsurfing is a new idea introduced by travellers and backpackers. This will enable you to sleep on other people’s couches for free.

4. Eat local cuisines. It is a dream to sit down and eat a meal at the famous Eiffel Tower Restaurant but sometimes you have to be practical. Sure that is one of a kind experience but you will be surprised of how much it will cost you. Forget about the fancy restaurants and eat local cuisines with the locals.

These money hacks are guaranteed to make your trip even more memorable. You have to make sure that your trip is well planned before indulging to many activities.


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