Keeping Your Business’ IT System Costs Low

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For most small business owners in Singapore, the business’ IT system could be a last concern. As long as your software and hardware are still serving their purposes, there’s no need to be watchful for, right? Well, not really.


IT system requires regular maintenance and monitoring. Failure to do so will jeopardize critical business data, and in result may lead to costly downtime—or worse business failure. Here are some tips to keep in mind for maintaining good IT system and ensure business growth.

1. Keep Software and Hardware Up-to-Date

Keeping up with the latest updates in every software and hardware you have can save hours of costly downtime. However, be sure you have thoroughly understood and tested the upgrades and know how to restore to previous version, in case of glitches or system incompatibility, before installing them to your computers located in Singapore.

2. Have Your Hardware Regular Cleaned

Dust, moisture, humidity, and fluctuations in temperature can all wreak havoc to your IT services infrastructure. Employ a professional service provider that does IT services for SMEs in SIngapore to do regular and proper cleaning of your system hardware, as well as your software.

3. Secure Battery Back-Ups

Battery backups do a lot better job of providing your hardware with constant flow of ‘clean’ power, free from dips and spikes. Batteries also prevent sudden computer shutdowns, which can be disastrous to your hardware and to the data it contains.

4. Check for Product Warranty and Support

If buying new hardware and software, check for their warranty and support policies. For existing IT products, check each of them whether they are still under warranty, have outstanding recalls and available support. Lacking support when extremely needed is a recipe for disaster.


5. Condense and Consolidate Products

If you have several product contracts with different vendors, this could constitute to the considerable rise in your business’ expenditure. Check with your contracts and see if you can bundle packages with fewer number of vendors to minimize tech costs and simplify your tech operations. Most IT services come in special bundles so multiple services are provided for a much affordable price.

6. Hire an Experienced IT Company

Leaving the technological aspect of your business in the hands of the experts not only saves you money and from the risk of system failure, but also allows you to streamline daily operations. Look for a qualified service company that offers wide variety of IT services, such as secure remote access, collocation, and dedicated servers, to keep your business’ tech support functioning at its best.

7. Identify Your Needs

Check your IT system and identify the things you greatly need and you can do without. Perhaps, having multiple premium anti-virus programs for smaller network is too much and could only be bloating your monthly expenses. Keep the best one and cancel out the other to save money and internal space. Likewise, determine whether you need products to boost your business’ productivity. Talk to an IT service provider for recommendations of products and services that are useful for the type of business you have.

The IT system of a company is one of the most challenging aspects to manage, especially for small to medium business owners who have very minimal knowledge about information technology. And if you choose to hire regular employees for such work, this could incur serious monthly expenses for such a small business. Your best bet? Hire an IT company to manage your tech infrastructure. Outsourcing provides more savings as you’ll only be charged for premium software accounts, if any, and regular tech maintenance, which could be as seldom as once in a couple of months. Learn more about specialized IT packages by contacting a Singapore IT company now.


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