How to Keep Your Fridge from Smelling Bad

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An unpleasant odor in your refrigerator is a sign that something is spoiled inside. To avoid your family from eating this and keep your fridge smelling pleasant, we should clean it right away. Here’s how to do this:


Clean from top to bottom. First off: turn your unit off and unplug it. To clean your fridge thoroughly, you should clean all its parts. This includes the freezer, the crisper, drains and trays. Remove all items inside so that you can reach out and clean all areas of your fridge.

Throw out bad products. Once you find the source of the bad odor, throw it away immediately. But you should still check all contents even if they don’t emit any bad smell as some may also already be spoiled or have expired. Also dispose of freeze burned meats, fruits that will overripe very soon, and any items that you know won’t be eaten anymore.

Use a cleaning solution. There are a lot of cleaning formulas available. But what seems to work best is still a home-made solution of warm water, vinegar and baking soda. Use cleaning rags and towels to apply this.

Clean under and behind too. Make sure to check and clean the drip tray under the fridge. The drip tray is often another source of bad smell as it holds old and dirty water. You should also check the back and sides of the fridge where food deposits may have been left to spoil.

Leave odor absorbers. Most times, even a good cleaning won’t get rid of the bad smell. To drain out any odor in your fridge, put odor absorbers in an open container and leave it for a few days inside. Odor absorbers include oats, coffee grounds, activated charcoal and baking soda.

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