House Painting Pointers and Ideas

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Choosing colors for your home repainting job is not as hard as you think it would be. You just have to contact the right painting services provider to help you do the job. Also, do not forget to include natural and artificial lights in the equation. Those things should always be in mind when picking house painting colors. If you leave in Singapore, it would be much easier for you to choose since you only have to consider the summer and monsoon lighting condition. To make it further easier, here are some tips and color ideas you can use or take inspiration for your house painting job.


1. Decide what type of paint to use. Before choosing the color, you have first to decide what type of paint to use. Are you going to use oil based paint, latex paint, flat finish, or glossy finish? A professional painting services contractor knows these things. They know what type of paint is good for your home’s every room, wall texture, location, and structure.

2. For the exterior, choose colors that go well with natural light. Check how the colors change with the natural exterior light. Many painting services provider suggest the use of basic neutral colors, especially if there are so much artificial lights, like decorative lights and sodium lights, going on around the area.

3. Choose paints with protection feature. Since your home endures frequent changing of weather, use paints that provide protection to the materials used in your home’s structure. Ask your painting services provide what are the paints that don’t only last long, but protects your home’s walls and roof as well.


4. For small interior area of the house, choose pastel colors. Pastel colors reflect more light, thus making the area look spacious. Pastel colors are also ideal for rooms with lesser light source, such as the staircase area and the basement. Also, if there are already contrasts of pastel colors in your furniture, make use of neutral hues, such as white, cream, tan or bisque, for the walls and ceilings. For the right shades of neutrals, ask your Singapore painting services contractor.

House Paint Color Ideas

Bright Colors for Social Areas

Bright colors give a relaxing atmosphere to an area. These colors are ideal for rooms where the whole family usually stays together, like the living room, family room, or the dining area. Use lighter shades of yellow and green for an energetic vibe, or shades of light grey and white for a touch of a little sophistication.

Dark Colors for Bedrooms

Dark colors make it easier for a person to sleep, that’s why they’re ideal for bedrooms. It also has the ability to highlight chunky pieces, so if you have an interesting art painting on the wall or a vintage chandelier by the ceiling, dark painted room will give those pieces a lift. Conversely, dark shades of red are best for kitchen area as this color can stimulate the appetite.

Neutrals to Match Existing Colors

If you already have wonderful colors going on around the area, enhancing it might be the only thing you need. Neutral colors like cream, beige, and light shades of orange and grey can perfectly collaborate with any existing color you have. You can also make use of natural shades of green and brown if you prefer darker neutrals.


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