Give Your Stress a Rest: Simple Ways to Relax your Senses

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Most of us live in a fast-paced environment that causes stress. In our everyday living, notice that pollution, heavy traffic, and noisy environment are prevalent triggers of stress. As much as we may want to kick off those forms of stress away, you don’t intend to put yourself to such monotonous motions, do you? Or you would rather endure the stress than to catch up boring activities.

Handpicking useful ways to relax your senses may not be a daunting job for you, but instead get your pen and paper now and jot down your preferred relaxation activities.


1.   Holding hands with your loved one. By holding hands of your significant other can trash away your stress. It is true that human brain process course of action performed by human, in effect, it provides immediate relief from stress.

2.   Connecting to social groups, buddy, friends or colleagues. Social contact or interaction can cure your stress because it builds your confidence to face life consequences, it keeps you from sadness. In other words, your colleagues can provide possible solutions with your personal dilemma which eventually turn into stress.

3.   Stay cool and just laugh. Doing your personal stuff in a cool manner how difficult it is life is so easy. While laughter has been universally accepted as the best medicine. Laughing releases negative vibes and absorb the good one. Try to imagine funny events happened in your past, thus, it makes you laugh.

4.   Listen to your favorite music. Tune in to your favorite radio or switch on your stereo and play your favorite romance or inspiring songs. Music relieves ones’ soul and shut down the level of stress you’ve experienced at school, working environment, from your neighbors and even from your child.

5.   Try to eat some sweets. Sweetened foods like chocolates, candies, cookies, etc. decreases levels of anxiety-producing hormones in the body. However, the production of a stress hormone called glucocorticoid produces more fats in your belly. A small amount of sugar on the tongue is enough but don’t overdo eating sweets.

6.   Exude love to the people around you. It has been psychologically-proven that caring your pets can induce relaxation responses of your body. While giving quick hug to your classmate, friends, relatives, parent, and family member. All these and more reduces stress level.

7.   Go to places that interest you. Spending much time at work, school, and office triggers your stress level. During weekends or special holiday’s think of the best places which interest you and your family. For instance, going to beach, resorts, outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, etc. are among the best remedy to help you overcome stress.

8.   Having sex regularly with your partner. For the majority, this activity will best work for them but many stress experts rely on the fact that having regular sex with your partner can fight against the threat of stress. In this way, the mind and body of people are getting active than having sex oftentimes. However, having sex regular will always depends on the needs of both parties.

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