Get to Know the Different Types of Residential and Commercial Electrical Services (and Why they’re Important)

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Electrician services are vital for any home or office, but you probably don’t know that there are different types of services that your property needs.

Knowing what they are and what they’re used for will not only save you time, but will also clear up any miscommunication between you and the service company that you plan to contract should you happen to need one.

Types of Commercial Electric Services

You can find different commercial services being offered in Singapore by a commercial electrical company, such as the following:

• Low- and High-Voltage Construction Work – Commercial- or industrial-grade equipment can take up a lot of electricity, which is why it’s important to leave it to a certified electrical worker to ensure that these types of equipment are installed safely and properly to avoid electrical hazards.
• Electrical Installations – Installing complex devices and equipment with varying power requirements is a task that should be best left to a licensed electrician.
• Electrical Engineering – If your workplace involves a lot of wires, a commercial contractor can send over a cabling technician to organize them and make sure they are fit for use.

If you own a business or would like to start one, it’s important that you contact a licensed electrician to find help during blackout in your office wherever it may be in Singapore. Securing the electrical works to avoid power failure is important to guarantee efficiency and optimum productivity at all times.

Types of Residential Electric Services

You will find these services valuable whether you want to renovate you HDB flat in Singapore or simply want to fix or upgrade your existing wiring:

• Electrical installation – Basic installation of electrical devices (i.e. electrical outlets, light bulb sockets, and light fixtures) and re-wiring are always crucial, whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes.
• Backup power – Your power supply for your home won’t always be around. When a power failure happens, you want to make sure you still have the light and power for devices such as your fire alarm system or even your doorbell.
• Energy saving solutions – To help minimize electricity costs, devices can be installed to lower the overall power output of your home’s electrical circuit.
• Underground wiring – Seeing wires everywhere you go can be distracting as well as a hazard, so you should best leave it to a home electric handyman to connect electric wires safely if you don’t know how to do it yourself.
• Panel maintenance and upgrades – You will need this service especially if you live in an older HDB unit and need to install power point switches in place of old ones.

Be sure to allow only a licensed electrician from Singapore to restore electricity to your home in case of an unexpected power trip. A service company employing residential linemen is your safest solution to fixing any electrical problems you may have at home.

You should also consider calling a 24 hour electrician service if you encounter any problems at home or in the office, especially if they happen early in the morning or late at night.

What are you waiting for? Call a reliable electrician services today!

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