Finding Time to Read

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Do you know a friend who can read one book per day? Some people can read 200 or more books per year. What’s even more amazing are the people who manage to find time to read even when they’re so busy. Sometimes work or school would get in the way of enjoying a book. Some students don’t have time to enjoy a novel because of all the reading they need to do. So what’s the secret of those who find time to read? How do you find time when you’re busy with school or work?

  1. Make time for reading. The simplest advice would be to find free time to enjoy a book. You could read during breaks or while commuting and even before bedtime. For most people the problem is not about finding time to read but finding the motivation after a busy day.


  1. Make use of eBooks and audiobooks. Don’t be a snob and say ebooks and audiobooks aren’t like real books. What’s a real book anyway? The book as we know it in its current form is quite recent. Books in ancient times were written on slabs, walls, wood, animal skin and papyri. EBooks and audiobooks are still books that have been designed for modern convenience.


  1. Visit bookshops or download online. Visiting bookshops can be relaxing after a busy week. Visit your local library as well if you have time. If you can’t visit the library or bookshops however, there are so many options online. There are sites where you can have access to various titles for free (and they’re legal too!) or you can order hardbound and paperback copies online if you’re willing to wait.

  1. You’re not in a race when reading. Finishing a book in less than a week seems impressive especially when you’re a full-time employee. It’s not possible for everyone however. Don’t feel down if you’re not as fast as the others. Reading comprehension does not necessarily reflect in your reading speed. You’re reading to enjoy books after all.


  1. Set a number of books in a year. Ever heard of annual reading challenges? Goodreads has a section to keep track of the number of books you want to finish in a year. Having a goal can be a good motivation because you can check your progress. Just remember not to set your goal too high if you can’t complete it. It should only serve as a guide.


  1. Keep a stack of various books. A pile of unread books might motivate you. Pick titles from different genres so you don’t run out of options. Don’t be afraid to explore new things. Remember what it felt like the first time you enjoyed a book you’re not used to reading. Reading should be fun and not another task you need to complete.

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