Fighting Against the Heat

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At present, there are so many ways to cool down physically. Actually, you can do simply do this by turning on your electric fan. Also, if you have an air conditioner you can turn it on. However, you just have to keep in mind that this will generate a large amount of electricity and it will be damaging to the nature.

Man and ventilator

Once, you use these appliances, you just have to accept the fact that you have to spend more money because your electric bill will increase more. As you consume more energy, you also consume the energy that is in nature and this will gradually become a global problem if it is not given an attention.

Now, if you have an old house or perhaps a new ones, you should have a basement.

Although having a basement should vary from the country of your origin, you can still put up a basement if you want.



Basement seems to be the hottest part of the house since it is isolated under the house. However, the fact is that, basement is the coolest part of your home. Typically, a basement is 10-15 degree cooler compared to your balcony. In times that the weather is hot, try not to switch on your air conditioner or electric fan and go inside your basement. Make sure that your basement is not your storage or stock room of all you unused things as it will not be suitable for sitting in.

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