Don’t Succumb to Panic: First Aid Treatments for Stroke

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Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA) or colloquially known as stroke is a serious condition where a part of the brain is directly affected thereby impairing some of its function. It can cause permanent neurological damage and to some point, death. For people who survived stroke, we can see some traces like limping and inability to see and speak clearly. Survivors can still hope to regain their previous body condition with the help of rehabilitations and medications.


We cannot foresee a stroke attack but as much as possible we hope that it will not take the better part of us. It is important to know basic first aid treatments for stroke. Let us not succumb to panic knowing that a life is depending on us. But before anything else, we should be able to identify signs and symptoms of stroke correctly. We should do a test: ask the person to smile, raise their hands and talk. If it is hard for them to smile, raise their hands and talk, it is time to call an ambulance.

Of course it will take time for an ambulance to reach our place, so our priority is to give first aid treatment. We can do the following things:

  • Help the patient get comfortable

Aside from assuring the patient that help is on the way, we should do our best to keep her/him comfortable. If she/he is wearing tight clothing, we should loosen it to facilitate breathing.

  • Be ready to administer resuscitation

If we notice that the patient is unconscious and not breathing, we need to employ resuscitation. If we know how, it can save the person but if we have no knowledge about it, better stick to keeping the patient comfortable.

  • Watch out for the patient’s vital signs

While waiting for the ambulance, it is important that we note the patient’s vital signs. We should check their breathing and pulse rates then give this information to the ambulance.

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