Discovering Singapore on Your Own

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There are so many things to do especially when you are with your family and friends; swim under the sea full of coral reefs, get lost in the wild with tall coconut trees, visit a creepy campsite, take pictures with noisy animals in the zoo, and so much more. What life would be if you do not have companions to walk with you? It is an extraordinary challenge if you grab those opportunities of travelling by yourself. Here are some reasons why you must try to visit Singapore alone:


1.       Just go where your feet take you

First time solo travellers are more excited than those who have visited Singapore many times. Do not be afraid of getting lost because a lot of people in this country can speak English and easy to deal with. They are polite and approachable. Remember that there are so many fun things to discover if you get lost.

Public transportation is easy to access. Take a bus or try the excellent subway system to easily and cheaply get to the location you desired. Some of the places people in Singapore dream of visiting are Universal Studios, Southern Ridges, Marina Bay Sands, and the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

2.       Shop more, spend less

If you love shopping, well this might be your time to buy all the clothing you want. Shopping with friends is cool, but in order to enjoy, you have to spend more. Shopping alone may not be that fun for you but you can buy all the things you want, should that be cheap or expensive. The country has a lot of boutiques as well as bargain-priced shops of clothing, accessories, souvenirs, and gadgets.


3.       Take Food excursions

The country is well known for having delicious and diverse cuisines represented by Chinese, Malay, and Indian. Try all the good food in the country before leaving. You may eat all the great delicacies from shop to shop. Eating alone isn’t a problem since there are a lot of international foods at a very affordable price which other people haven’t tried. You’re lucky enough to taste them.

4.       Check in a hotel by yourself

Tired of walking along the Southern Ridges? How about the Gardens by the Bay? Have you visited the Universal Studios? Take your bags with you and experience luxury in Marina Bay Sands, the best hotel for first time travellers. But this hotel isn’t from tired travellers like you. Inside is a place where the real fun is on. Get drowned in the infinity pool located at the 57th floor.

Relax your body in the 55th floor where the Banyan Tree Spa is. Roll over the king-sized bed in the hotel suite. Be accommodated by polite waiters in the restaurant and taste the mouth-watering cuisines cooked by great chefs. Marina Bay Sands has also its own Fitness Centre, Laundry, Bar, and etc. Keep yourself occupied by these amazing hotel features.

5.       Take a selfie

Travellers go back to their own countries when their cameras are already full of pictures taken during their trip. Take a picture as much as you want, share it to the whole world, and tell them how great it is to travel solo. The more pictures you have, the more you will remember it as time goes by.


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