Deciding to Have a Baby

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Some people believe that babies are guardian angels that were sent from heaven down to Earth and brings joy to everyone. Furthermore, a child is a precious gift from the Almighty Creator of this planet. On the other hand, babies can be your stress reliever most especially if you are an employee with a very hectic schedule. When you arrive at work from home, even if how mad or how sad you are, your smile would build up instantly and your sad and angry feelings will dissolve rapidly.


Single people go to a massage center to relax and lessen their stress at work. But if you are a married person and has a baby, you will definitely enjoy your weekend as you and your family have time for each other. In reality, happiness cannot be bought and exchanged. Thus, when you have it, treasure it because it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world.


While many singles do not want to have a baby now, they would still want one when time comes. Basically, they will not need them now because they want to focus in one thing. Just like a nun or a priest. They focus on something and they choose to live the life that they want. However, there are times that they want to renew themselves and make a very big decision that would become final and cannot be changed. Most of the time, it is the biggest choice in your entire life.


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