Blue and Green: Cool Places to Check Out in SG

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It’s fun to see children playing in the waters, riding their bicycles in the park, fishing in the lake, and planting trees in the forest. However, nowadays, children are mostly just playing computer games, watching videos or stuck to their phones. We must put them away from their video games, social networking sites, and other addictive activities, and guide them to explore and experience the world outside because real fun can be found in the nature.


Keep in mind that your child’s attitude and social performance can be affected by his or her environment. Your child’s future is in you, and the places where you let him or her grow will have a great effect on their upbringing. Here are some places to visit:

Adventure Cove Water Park

If water makes them happy, well here’s the best for them. The Adventure Cove Water Park, Resorts World Sentosa Singapore is one of the best attractions in the country. The Wet Maze is one of the best play in the water park. Make your way out of the maze with the thrilling water blasters, water sprays, and showers.

The water challenge is more exciting because of the rope course in mid-air. Cross the tight rope and avoid the water below in the Splashworks. Feed and interact with rays and touch their velvety wings at the Ray Bay. Let your kids splash in the Seahorse Hideaway. Play hide-and-seek with thousands of fishes in the Rainbow Reef. Adventure Cove Water Park is the best for your family.

Westgate Wonderland

What kind of a kid is he if he is not fund of playgrounds? Everyone loves it, young and old. Since kids only found giant plants and animals on television and movies, they will be surprised if the giant things are found only in Westgate Wonderland. Making your way in, you will first see the toddler’s area where foam animal structures are found.


Toddlers also love the Flower Bell which chimes if you tap the ladybugs. The Westgate also have an area for older kids. The Tree House and the Flower Pot are the main structures. The Westgate also have a water area where kids can cool themselves in the water splash. Kids can use the blower room after a wet play. Aside from having fun, admission is free!

Jurong Bird Park

If your kids love things that fly, then the Jurong Bird Park should be on your list. Here, thousands of birds from different species will be your friends. Aside from having their unforgettable laughter, your kids will learn everything about birds. Colourful birds and a long waterfall are also found in the Waterfall Aviary.

Also, you can learn about flamingos in the Flamingo Pool. Step aboard in a ship vessel and explore the Penguin Coast. Be amazed by a princess’ beauty and visit them at the Swan Lake. Open your big eyes and see some owls in the World of Darkness. There is so much to see at the Jurong Bird Park.

Let the nature be your child’s choice in learning. As he grow, he will realize that these places are more beautiful than video games.


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