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For Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) enthusiasts, Stephen Langdown is a famous name here in Singapore. Langdown is a twenty two year old Indian – Singaporeans MMA fighter. He might be young but we should never underestimate him for he already had three professional fights. He has another fight with Chinese fighter in the coming days.


Langdown know little about his opponent but despite this, he is very enthusiastic to stretch his fight record. He is very much prepared for anything that his opponents will throw at him. He is confident of his training. He stressed the importance of fitness not just for him but for any fighter. Langdown knows better because he is also a freelance personal trainer.

Apart from his expertise, he is also assisted by mobile applications that he uses for his workouts. Here are some applications that he uses to improve his fighting technique:

  • Steve Cotter’s Kettlebell Encyclopedia: Not all Singaporeans are familiar of Steve Cotter. Steve Cotter is the founder and director of International kettlebell and Fitness Federation. Cotter is one of the world’s best kettlebell trainers. Kettlebell workouts are best to build muscle. This application is only available for iOS users. He built a comprehensive encyclopaedia that includes demos, instructional videos and some training tips to build muscles.
  • Weight Tracker: This application is available on Android and iOS. This application is very handy for those who are conscious about their weight. The application will track weight including BMU and body fat percentage.


  • Water Your Body: This application is available on Android and iOS. This application functions simply – it tracks our water intake. When we are in a program, it is important that we stay hydrated but sometimes we forget to drink regularly. This application will determine our water habit and remind us to drink water when the need arises.
  • Yogify: Langdown uses yoga for recovery. There is an application that gives easy-to-follow programmes that we can do on our own. This application is available on iOS only.
  • Runtastic Running and Fitness: If we want to optimize training, this application is the best one. It is available in Adroid and iOS. This application will track our activities like walking, biking or running. It then tracks the details like elevation, distance and duration.

We can download these applications and experience it ourselves. We may not be as good as Langdown but we can make him as an inspiration as a perfect epitome of fitness. The thing is we do not need to be a fighter just to be fit. Even if we are not MMA fighters, we should see fitness as beneficial for our overall health.


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