Am I a Good Candidate for a LASIK Surgery?

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Getting a LASIK surgery can really be helpful for those who are experiencing eye problems such as myopia and astigmatism. Undergoing LASIK surgery might also aid in getting rid of having to use contact lenses and glasses which those of us with poor eyesight are forced to wear every day. However, unfortunately, LASIK surgery isn’t meant for everyone.


Not everyone can undergo or is a good candidate for a LASIK Singapore surgery, so here are some factors that you need to consider to help you know whether or not you’re a good candidate for the surgery.

Age of Patient
Your age is one of the factors that can tell if you’re a good candidate for a LASIK surgery or not. If you happen to be 21 years old or younger, then your surgeon might ask you to wait for a couple of years to ensure that your vision has already stabilized. If you’re in your 40s and planning on getting a LASIK surgery from a dedicated lasik and epi lasik centre in SIngapore you should be aware that you might still use your reading eyeglasses post-surgery. Moreover, if you’re already in your late 60s, you might also have to undergo other operations, such as a cataract surgery, to help get rid of other existing conditions that is affecting your eyesight before you can proceed with a LASIK surgery.

Eye Prescription
One of the limitations to getting LASIK would be the thickness of the cornea of the patient. You can be a good candidate for the surgery as long as you have thick corneas, regardless of the eye condition that you have. However, you should also be aware that the results of LASIK surgery for those who have a high refractive error might become less satisfactory.


Presence of Any Eye Disease
Getting screened for eye conditions like diabetic retinopathy, dry eye syndrome, ocular, herpes, or retinal detachment in a healthcare provider in Singapore can be helpful before you undergo a LASIK surgery since you might need to get such diseases cured first before undergoing a surgery to get the best possible results from LASIK.

Medical Conditions
Before undergoing a LASIK surgery, you should first go through several medical check-ups in your area in Singapore to avoid any negative side effects from the laser surgery. It’s important that you get screened for rheumatoid arthritis and similar medical conditions since undergoing LASIK with certain conditions can trigger some harmful response to the surgery. If you happen to have some diabetes, you might first be asked by your surgeon to have it under control so that you will not encounter any problem during your healing time after the procedure.

Size of Pupil in Dim Lights
It’s important that you evaluate the size of your pupils first before getting a laser eye surgery since large pupils can cause some visual disturbances such as halos after you’ve undergone a LASIK surgery.


Realistic Expectations of the Results of the Surgery
Having realistic expectations for the result of the laser eye surgery can help in making you a good candidate for the procedure since it will make it a bit easier for your surgeon to get the result that you want to achieve. Aside from that, you should also understand that there are going to be some possible risks involved in the surgery.

Undergoing LASIK Singapore surgery shouldn’t be an immediate decision. You should consider a lot of factors before you make a decision of going through the procedure. Doing this can actually aid you in getting the best possible result from the surgical procedure.

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