Advantages of Keeping the TV out the Bedroom

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Watching television is a crucial part of a simple home life. This is true for people of all age brackets. Kids like watching cartoons and animated shows, teens are hooked with TV series, while adults watch television to see news or even reality shows.


We may not notice but a television inside the bedroom can affect our sleeping habits negatively. Here are some reasons why you should keep the television set outside the bedroom.

TV out, sleep more, sleep better

When you decide to keep the television off your bedroom, you will be guaranteed of more sleeping hours and less hours watching late night TV. Having the television inside the bedroom is a temptation to sleep late and keep watching the latest episodes of your favorite shows. Let us keep in mind that lack of sleep can impact our external and internal body conditions negatively.

Woman Sleeping

Taking out the TV would also ensure that you have better sleep. If you share a bedroom with someone and want to sleep early, sometimes the sounds the TV make are very distracting and will disturb your sleeping schedule. Yes, some people find sleeping with the TV on very relaxing but other people will just get distracted and the noises from the television would make them wake up several times in the night.

Spend quality time with your partner, not the TV

If you have a busy day and the only time you can bond with your partner is when you are about to sleep, the television may be a hindrance to spending quality time with your partner. Instead of talking about how your day went, you won’t talk and just focus on watching TV. Without the television in the bedroom, you can bond better with your partner.


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